Monday, July 22, 2024

The Education Apple - episode 4

“The show that discusses Apple technology in the Classroom as well as how technology impacts our daily lives”

1. The Cast

  • Barrett Mosbacker, Superintendent of Briarwood Christian School
  • Bill Brazeal, Technical Architect, Technology Specialist and Principle - ezNet Solutions

2. Week in Review

  • Phone 5 supplies limited, iPhone 5 very hard to get
  • Tim Cook’s open letter apology on map app issues (not unprecidented, other flops - Ping, MobleMe, Final Cut Pro X, Siri)
  • Mapocolypse - Survey done - 74% say maps works fine, 91.2% are ok if you add in those who say “It’s annoying but not a deal breaker”
  • Apple Gains PC Marketshare Despite Shrinking market (3rd quarter PC sales down 8.3% over last year) - indicating “post-PC” revolution.  
  • Galaxy X3 commercial of lines waiting for iPhone5
  • VIP list in mail, great for setting custom mail tones
  • VP presidential debates can be viewed in at least 9 ways online

3. Main segments

  • Barrett - Technology Integration into Education. What steps are Briarwood taking to enhance benefits and mitigate dangers
    • 21st university and work skills
    • Training
    • Accountability
    • Security Software / Filtering AND monitoring
    • Locking iPads down--cannot add/delete/reconfigure iPads
    • Configurator--you can set rating limits on songs, videos, and podcasts
    • AUP
    • Parent training and communication

  • Bill - iOS 6 updates - continued
    • Panarama mode of iPhone Camera - took lots of pics and it works great, direction can be changed
    • Waze alternative to Apple maps - used it a lot over weekend - great app (story of Fishersville and Romney/Ryan rally)
    • Siri additions (new commands understood)
      • Arbitrary Relationships understood
      • Launch most any Application
      • Post to Twitter and Facebook
      • Say "Goodbye Siri" and Siri will close the interaction window

4. Apps and Followings (please update your pics below when you have determined what you will

  • Barrett - App pick Bettersnaptool Windows management--has 164 5 star rating out of 174 of the current version.  Has a 5 star average rating out of a total of 894 ratings

    Twitter pick (Coolcatteacher--nearly 42K followers, co-founder @flatclassroom, author- Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds)

  • Bill - App pick (bookmark)

✓ Works with audiobooks and podcasts that are already in the Music app. No downloading required!

✓ Add multiple bookmarks with custom titles and notes.

✓ Hold down the bookmark button to create a quick bookmark. No typing other other button presses needed.

✓ Use the innovative Time Ribbon to jump forward or backward by 30 seconds or 1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes.

✓ Start listening in Bookmark then quit the app to use other apps like Email and SMS while still listening to a book.

✓ Bookmark starts playing whatever you were last listening to. You don't have to search for a book or even press play!

✓ Heads-Up Display lets you control playback without even looking at your device.

✓ Sleep Timer with one-tap capability for adding more time. Option for adding 10 minutes by just rocking the device.

✓ Share your discoveries via Twitter, Facebook, or email.


    twitter pick (@JohnCMaxwell)

      • Bestselling author & speaker on leadership. Christian. Blogger. Trainer. Coach.
      • New Book - The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (he has published many leadership books)