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Outline: The Education Apple - episode 29


“The show that discusses Apple technology in the formal Classroom as well as in the classroom of our daily lives”


1. The Cast

  • Barrett Mosbacker, Superintendent of Briarwood Christian School, publisher Christian School Journal

  • Bill Brazeal, Technical Architect, Technology Specialist and Principal - ezNet Solutions

2. WWDC Review

  • OSX Yosemite (10.10)

    • Design

      • Design - Clean & Flattened yet nuanced to show layers (make “look” more like iOS 7)

      • New system icons, 2D dock, New font (Helvetica Neue)

      • Today View in Notification Center with customizable widgets (widgets for Calendar, Weather, Stocks, Reminders, World Clock and social networks)

      • Big Overhaul to Spotlight

    • Spotlight

      • Powerful local Search and App launcher tool

      • Moving forward in the search market beyond the local machine

      • Interesting to see how much Apple will move into the “search business”

      • suggestions from Wikipedia, Maps, Bing, App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, top websites, news and movie showtimes

    • Continuity

      • Handoff

      • Instant hot spot, one click (icloud account, bluetooth)

      • SMS messages and phone calls - go through iphone

      • Answer and start a call from mac

    • Mail

      • Mail drop - attachments up to 5 GB

      • Markup feature - annotate, draw and sign images and PDF documents from within the compose window

    • iCloud Drive

      • Using iCloud in many ways

      • Changing to be more intuitive - like a “Dropbox folder” with Finder integration

      • With iCloud Drive, you can access all your files in iCloud from your Mac, iPhone, iPad® or even a Windows PC.

      • Better storage size selections and prices - 5 GB free, 20 GB / $12 yr, 200 GB /$48 yr (currently 25 GB costs $40 yr)

    • AirDrop

      • Now works between all devices

  • iOS 8

    • Messages App (highly used app)

      • Group threads, Audio message sharing (for hands free use in auto play)

      • videos and photos and audio self-destruct after time

      • QuickType predictive text typing

      • Artificial Intelligence (suggests word or phrase before you even start typing - based on the way you typically respond)

      • Actionable notifications so you don’t have to open phone to respond to a text (interactive notifications) how will security be handled

    • Multitasking view

      • Recent contacts show up along with apps

    • Family Sharing

      • Making sharing within families (up to 6) easier to set up

      • Sharing of purchases, reminders and calendar events, location, and photos

      • iTunes content, Family Sharing accounts will get access to purchases made by a family member without having to log into iTunes with the same Apple ID

      • A Family layer will be added to built-in apps like Calendar, Reminders, and Photos, as well as Find My Friends for location tracking

      • For kids who want to buy paid content from the App Store, Family Sharing will activate a permission dialog that, before charging a credit card, will send a request to a parent's device, who will then be able to review the purchase and authorize it

      • Automatic shared photo stream album

    • Extensions

      • inter-app communication will open the door to 3rd party developers to make their apps more powerful by working with others

    • Continuity

      • Start task on one device and pick it up on another very easily

      • with Continuity you just swipe up on the bottom-left icon and boom

    • ICloud drive

      • Gives the iphone and ipad a file system

    • Photos

      • iCloud Photo Library

      • Smarter controls for cropping, lightning effects, straightening, and more

      • New time-lapse mode will be added to the iOS 8 Camera

      • A new Photos app for OS X Yosemite is currently in development and will be released in early 2015

    • New Apps

      • Health - Track Heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol — your health and fitness apps are great at collecting all that data

      • App Store improvements - improved search, videos to advertise apps, app bundles


  • Developers

    • New Programming Language - Swift (4 years in the making)

      • Writing Swift code within an Xcode 6 playground shows instant results, while finished apps are compiled into high-performance native machine code. The Swift language is fast, modern, safe, and interactive

    • Over 4000 new APIs, iOS 8 Metal APIs, SpriteKit, SceneKit

    • Developer Frameworks

      • Healthkit - allows apps providing health and fitness services to access shared health-related information in one place

      • Homekit - HomeKit will offer a common network protocol to let iOS apps control compatible locks, lights, cameras, plugs, switches, and more

      • Cloudkit - CloudKit provides developer with Authentication, private and public database, structured and asset storage services - all for free with very high limits


3. Briarwood School iPad Program


4. Apps and Followings

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    • App Picks: FruitJuice Battery Management


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5. Wrap up and closing remarks...


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