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Bill Brazeal

Snow Day 2014 in North Shelby Co

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Bill Brazeal

Keynote Presentation of Mac Basics


Download the Mac Basics Keynote presentation. 

This keynote contains some of the basic features and functions to be familiar with when starting out with either Apple's Lion (v 10.7) and/or Mountain Lion (v10.8) operating system.  You must have the Keynote applicaiton to be able to view this presentation.

 Click here to download the Keynote

This file is zipped, so you must unzip the file (by simply double clicking on it).  When it is unzipped, you can double click on it to open in Keynote.

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Bill Brazeal

Cheat Sheet For The Mac

This is a helpful program for learning the keyboard shortcuts in any Mac program.  Simply download, double-click to install, and run.  Once the program is running press the Coimmand key and while holding it down you will see a list of all the keyboard commands.

Click Here to Download Cheat Sheet for Keyboard Commands

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